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visconti triplets

Do you wonder who the Visconties are? They are three 19 year old gay triplets from Hungary. They are first gay triplets in the porn industry! Their names are Joey, Jason and Jimmy all of them are 6′1″ tall and all of them has got big 8″ cock. They were born in Budapest in 1989. Joey was born first, Jason was born 12 minutes later and Jimmy went to the world 10 minutes after Jason. The oldest Joey is incredibly shy and he’s into dance and Pilates. He is the most sexually inexperienced and the most of the group. Jason is the loudest and the owner of the most muscular body of the whole three. His hobby is body building, he can also be found riding or fixing his motorcycle. He always wanted to be an engine mechanic. At last Jimmy, the youngest Visconti. He’s hobby are extreme sports. Jimmy loves hanging on half-pipe with a skateboard, as well as carving fresh snow in the mountains with a snowboard!